Mission resource team

The Mission Resource Team (MRT) is team that is responsible for helping our community live each day as faithful stewards of all the God has generously given us.  This involves striving to use our time, talents, passions, and financial resources to further the work of God's Kingdom through our lives and through Hope Lutheran Church. 

  • September 2019 MRT Newsletter

    School is back in session and the fall programming has already started at Hope. We are moving toward our big Centennial Celebration on October 6th. To read our September newsletter just click on the "September" graphic.

  • In the coming months you will have several venues open for sharing your thoughts about the future of our church community. What are your goals, aspirations, fears or dreams for the Hope Lutheran community?  

  • Giving, what does it mean, and what does it do for us? The research on giving is definitive in that generous giving occurs when individuals have personal connections.The result for the individual giving the gift is JOY! 

  • The annual meeting is coming up! Check out what our Mission Resource Team has to say about Hope's financial happenings from 2018-19 and also where Hope is going in the near future. 

  • With Spring happening as we speak we look forward to the future. Let us dream big and imagine what Hope Lutheran will look like in the coming years.

  • As the snow melts we are reminded that life is renewed and that there is great potential in the world. Check out how your resources are sustaining and bringing new life to Hope Lutheran's ministry.

  • Cindy Sease Temple Talk on Stewardship

    Click on the graphic to the left to view Cindy Sease's Temple Talk given at Hope Lutheran on Sunday, November 17, 2019.

living each day as a steward

Everything we have, Martin Luther said, comes as a gift from God.  We are temporary stewards or trustees of it and God promises to bless those who are good stewards.  Our program throughout the year will focus how we can use our time, talents, and treasure live each day as a good steward.

Below are Temple Talks that we presented at Hope Lutheran this fall as we kicked off our year-long emphasis on Living Each Day as a Steward!