Youth and family ministry at hope

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

Here at Hope, we believe that Children and Youth are an integral part of our congregation. We offer many opportunities for families, children and youth to be involved in worship, share in fellowship, participate in service, and grow through discipleship programs. You can see some of the highlights of what we offer below. If you would like more information or are looking for ways to get involved, you can contact Paul Goodman, our director of youth and family ministries, at You can also find more information on our Faith Formation Site.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

Faith formation site

Because we have such an extensive offering of youth, family, and adult programming, we have developed a separate Faith Formation Website: You can find a basic listing of our programs below or if you are looking for more details is going on currently you can go to our Faith Formation Main Page or choose an age group below.  

  • Infants and Toddlers

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  • Preschoolers

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  • Elementary

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  • High School

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For Children

At Hope, we offer programs and discipleship opportunities for all ages. Listed below are our offerings for younger children. If you would like to read an article about the importance of nurturing our children's natural spirituality click here

  • Sunday School


    Sunday school is available during the school year for children ages 3-13. Children are invited to join their parents in worship for the opening and are dismissed after the children's message.

    Our program focuses on Bible Stories, walking in chronological order through the Old Testament in the fall and the New Testament in the spring. Each week children participate in games, crafts, Bible reading, and more! A middle school Sunday school class is also available. For a comprehensive schedule of Sunday School check out our Faith Formation Site

    On the fourth Sunday of every month we celebrate Family Sunday and children are encouraged to stay and worship with their family.  Nursery care is always available!

  • Faith Stepping Stones

    Once a year we gather together for an age-specific event called "Faith Stepping Stones." Faith Stepping Stones focus on equipping families to take faith home. Each event is packed with valuable information and hands-on learning for families. 

    Stepping Stones events are offered for ages 0 through 6th grade and run chronologically throughout the fall and spring.  Each year children receive an age appropriate gift.  For a calendar of upcoming events check out our Faith Formation Site

  • Communion Education Class

    Communion Education Classes are for all 5th graders and their families and happen each year in the weeks leading up to Easter.  We usually meet 2-3 times for in person classes and have a celebration each year on Maundy Thursday. For this year's dates and times check out our faith formation site

    While Hope encourages children to take communion whenever their family determines that it is appropriate, we offer these classes as an opportunity to learn more about what communion is all about. Some use this as an opportunity to take 1st communion, while others use it to enhance a practice that they have participated in for a long time. 

    If you would like take-home materials to educate yourself or your children about communion, they are available through the church office.  

    For more information about First Communion, please contact Paul Goodman.

  • Vacation Bible School

    Vacation Bible School is always an awesome time! Join us this summer for a new exciting adventure. Hope collaborates with Holy Rosary Catholic Parish to offer Bible School and it is always a great time for all. Regularly VBS takes place during the first full week of summer but check out our faith formation site for this year's dates and more information!  


What is Confirmation? Confirmation is a lifelong process of faith formation. At Baptism, parents make promises to help their children grow up with an understanding of their faith. Throughout their childhood, children are encouraged to attend Sunday School, Faith Stepping Stones, and more. 

When they begin their 7th grade year they enter a 3-year process that we call Confirmation. Our approach to Confirmation is different from what you might expect. It is our hope that, rather than memorize important faith items, youth learn how to ask hard questions about their faith. Youth today are taught in school to question everything, and we encourage this behavior. We surround our youth with caring adults who are also on a faith journey of their own. Together, we tackle tough questions and topics and many times end with more questions than answers. Youth are challenged to continue these discussions at home, with their friends at school, and in other places where questions arise. It is our hope that when they complete their three years of study that our youth realize that faith is a lifelong process, and it is our hope that they will encounter Christ through their relationships with one another.  

We use a variety of hands on curriculum and a combination of large and small group settings to create a successful learning environment.  During their confirmation experience youth attend classes, join together for retreats and attend summer mission experiences.

For this year's calendar and information click here

Family Camp

Family Camp is our annual camping getaway for families of all ages and sizes! It takes place on Labor Day Weekend every year at Christikon, our local Lutheran camp. Family Camp is a time of relaxing and renewal. There is plenty of unstructured for you to spend time with your family and make new friends. Opportunities for worship, and age-specific learning time are also provided.  

For more information about Family Camp or to sign up for this year's program check out our Faith Formation site!