Our Facility

Hope Lutheran’s beautiful building serves the worship and ministry needs of our

congregation, but also is a space available for community use. We have lived well into

that vision! We welcome community groups, musical ensembles, and the general public

to use our classrooms, gym, sanctuary, and expansive grounds.

COmmunity Groups

We host over 60 different organizations and groups over the course of a year; including

MSU-OLLI, polling places, ARC blood donation, Girl Scouts,

Audubon Society, and many more too numerous to list.

If Hope would be a place where your group or organization would like to meet, please

contact Jack Holm at jack@hopebozeman.com or by calling (406) 586-5572 (Ext.207).

Parks & Green space

Hope’s Campus includes over 10 acres of green space that is open to the use of the

surrounding neighborhoods. This includes a memorial garden with arboretum, an open

covered pavilion and a recently updated playground area. There is plenty of room for

stretching your legs, letting the kids run and a pleasing place for rest and reflection. A

labyrinth as part of the arboretum is in the planning phases.

Music & Performing Arts

Hope’s sanctuary was designed with music performance in mind. We are proud to host many different music and performing arts groups, ranging from Montana State University musical ensembles to Intermountain Opera productions to acoustic folk music concerts to private studio recitals, and much more.

If you would like to schedule a performance at Hope Lutheran, please contact Maren Haynes Marchesini at maren@hopebozeman.com or call (406) 586-5572 (Ext 203).

Memorial arboretum

Created in 2009, after the church was built, the arboretum was created as a space where congregation members could be remembered and recognized.  In these beautiful outdoor spaces on the church property, shrubs or trees can be donated to celebrate and remember life events of  family and friends of Hope.  A directory of the donated foliage is being finalized this spring which will document these donations.  If you are interested in donating a tree or shrub, please contact Jack Holm at jack@hopebozeman.com.