Hope's prayer list

Sept 16-22




+ Wendy Brooke, Lorna Nelson’s daughter, for healing

+ Jan Thornton, mother of Tara Tomac, for healing

+ Michael & Barbara Bomgardner, brother-in-law & sister of Clinton Gerst, for healing

+ Allie Bertocchini, Jason Lunden’s sister, for healing

+ Jerry Payette, friend of Ron DeArmond, being treated for cancer

+ Jean Kioski, friend of Ron DeArmond, with cancer

+ Janet Wolf, friend of Kathy & Dick Kracht, for healing

+ Jason Ellingson, Dar’s son, for healing

+ Laura Pape-Harper, Toni Banwart’s niece, for healing

+ Lily Brosten, age 8, granddaughter of Joel Brosten, for healing

+ Judy Colbert, mother of Heather Nehring, for strength and God’s peace

+ Barbara Olin, Ron DeArmond’s aunt, in hospice, for healing

+ Gene Lesser, for healing

+ John Belschwender, for healing

+ Marty Haskins, friend of Ron DeArmond, for healing from surgery

+ Linda Nash, friend of the Strattons, for healing



+ For all first responders and our military who place themselves in daily danger to help and protect others.

+ For medical and support staff dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

+ For all essential workers who place themselves at risk to provide a service

+ Hugh McConnell, deployed in Europe

+ Kyle Begger, deployed in Kuwait

+ Michael Beasley, navy chaplain, deployed to N. Africa