Hope's prayer list

Jan. 20 - Jan. 24, 2021

January 20 – January 24, 2021


Wendy Brooke,Lorna Nelson’s daughter

+  Michael & Barbara Bomgardner, brother-in-law & sister of Clinton Gerst

+  Janet Wolf, friend of Kathy & Dick Kracht

+  Jason Ellingson, Dar’s son

+  Lily Brosten, age 8, granddaughter of Joel Brosten

+  David Brosten, brother of Joel Brosten

+  Linda Nash, friend of the Strattons

+  John Belschwender

+  Jerry Payette, friend of Ron DeArmond, being treated for cancer

+  Jean Kioski, friend of Ron DeArmond, with cancer

+  Margaret Berg

+  Dalyce Erickson, granddaughter of Julie Thill

+  Patty Mehr, mother of Brad and Chris Mehr

+  Brandon Johnson, grandson of Paula & Dennis Beehler

+  Nancy, mother of Jen Poore

+  Marilyn & Hans, parents of Kelly Fedge DuBose

+  Laura & Don Simpson, sister & brother-in-law of Penny Prior

+  Brian Koukol

+  Jack Emborg

+  Ron & Kierin DeArmond

+  Carol & Richard Roehm


 + For our Transition Team/Call Committee as they continue their

work in finding us a new lead pastor.

+  For all first responders and our military who place themselves in daily danger to help and protect others.

+  For medical and support staff dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

+  For all essential workers who place themselves at risk to provide a service

+  Michael Beasley, navy chaplain, deployed to N. Africa