What's a lutheran?

Christ's righteousness is greater than the sins of all people, his life

stronger than death, his salvation more invincible than hell.

- Martin Luther in "The Freedom of a Christian" 1520

Martin Luther was a monk who stood up against the abuses of the medieval church 500 years ago and  for that he was kicked out of the church, spurring the reformation. He firmly believed that salvation was God's business and that it came to us by grace through faith. Lutheran's are Christians who follow in the theology and tradition of Martin Luther. We are a diverse bunch who continue to wrestle with what it means to be a Christian today. We do not always agree but we are united in the firm belief that it is God who does the saving and that we are all in need of it--you can't participate in this world of ours without getting your hands dirty. That is what we Lutheran's call "gospel." The fact that God comes in to us through Jesus while we are still sinners and freely forgives all our sins. That frees us to get back out there and try again, and again, and again. That is the freedom of a Christian. That is what it means to be a Lutheran. 

Being Lutheran is not just about pot-lucks and jello salad. Click here for an article from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton about what it means to be a Lutheran.  

If you are a book nerd and are dying to know more, we suggest you pick up this history of Luther the reformer or this book about the basics of Luther's theology. 

what Lutherans believe

For more information about what Lutherans believe you can go the the page on ELCA Teaching.