Mission resource team

The Mission Resource Team (MRT) is team that is responsible for helping our community live each day as faithful stewards of all the God has generously given us.  This involves striving to use our time, talents, passions, and financial resources to further the work of God's Kingdom through our lives and through Hope Lutheran Church. 

  • Behind the Scenes: 

    Where your Money Goes

    Starting in April 2021, the Mission Resource team began a monthly series that explores various aspects of Hope Lutheran Church to answer questions about how money is used for us to live out our mission. Click on the links below to get all caught up with the series and learn where your donations and offerings go.


    Annual Budget and Budgeting

    Hope's Programs and Activities

  • 2021 - 2022 Proposed Ministry Plan

    Every year the voting members of Hope Lutheran church discuss and (hopefully) approve Hope's Ministry Plan. The Ministry Plan is hopes budget, broken into categories. The Ministry Plan is Hope's financial expression of how we live out our mission as a congregation. 

    Click here to download the proposed 2021 - 2022 Ministry Plan

  • Contact the Mission Resource Team

    If you have any questions about stewardship, finances, giving opportunities or anything else Mission Resource related, send an email to the Team at this email address: